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VMDR Solutions

BCS has over 15 years of experience in designing and implementing cybersecurity solutions to various verticals such as oil and gas, FMCG, manufacturing, retail, packaging, hospitality, healthcare, real estate and many more industries, by providing cybersecurity consultation services.
VMDR (Vulnerability Management Detection and Response) solution is essential for any enterprise IT infrastructure. VMDR solutions provide organizations with the visibility, control, and automation they need to quickly identify and remediate vulnerabilities, reducing their risk of attack.
In addition to reducing risk, VMDR solutions can also help organizations improve their security posture and compliance with industry regulations. By automating the vulnerability management process, VMDR solutions free up security teams to focus on more strategic initiatives, such as threat hunting and incident response. In today‘s increasingly complex and ever-changing threat landscape, VMDR solutions are a critical tool for any organization that wants to protect its IT infrastructure from attacks.

Most common challenges

faced by organizations which are causing struggles are as follows

Management Challenges

  • Lack of visibility: Limited insight into assets hampers vulnerability tracking.
  • Patch management challenges: Complex task for diverse environments.
  • Financial challenges: High cost without VMDR solution.

Technical Challenges

  • Ineffective vulnerability scanning: Manual scanning cant keep up.
  • Provisioning challenges: Error-prone process delays patching.
  • Operational challenges: Coordination complexities.

Compliance Challenges

  • Compliance challenges: Non-compliance without VMDR solution.
  • Tracking non-Windows OSes: Difficulty in managing patches.
  • Mobile device patch management: Challenges in mobile patching.

Business Risks

  • Increased security risks: Unaddressed vulnerabilities lead to risks
  • Operational inefficiencies: Manual processes hinder operations.
  • Reputational damage: Incidents impact organizations reputation.

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