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Recovery Operation Center

Experience: Over 21 years of experience in designing and implementing Business Continuity and Recovery Operations to various verticals such as oil and gas, FMCG, manufacturing, retail, packaging, hospitality, healthcare, real estate and many more industries, by providing BCP consultation services.
The importance of a reliable Recovery Operations Center (ROC) cannot be overstated when it comes to unexpected disruptions. An ROC serves as the command center for efficient and effective recovery operations, ensuring streamlined coordination, rapid recovery, optimal resource allocation, centralized control, data protection, and the achievement of recovery time objectives (RTO) and recovery point objectives (RPO). Comprehensive ROC services are provided by our team to minimize downtime, protect data, and swiftly restore operations.

Most common challenges

faced by organizations which are causing struggles are as follows

Management Challenges

  • Backup SLA - RTO/RPO issues: Meeting recovery objectives and agreements.
  • No backup testing: Lack of regular backup verification.
  • No DR testing: Absence of disaster recovery testing.

Technical Challenges

  • Backup failures: Addressing unsuccessful backup processes.
  • Slow backup: Handling delays in data backup.
  • Incomplete backup: Overcoming data gaps in backups.

Compliance Challenges

  • Database backup challenges: Meeting compliance for database backups.
  • Application backup challenges: Ensuring compliance for application data prot
  • DR SLA - RTO/RPO issues: Complying with disaster recovery agreements.

Business Risks

  • Ransomware attacks: Risk of data encryption and loss from ransomware.
  • Costly downtime: Impact of extended disruptions on finances
  • Lack of proper DR plan: Risk of prolonged business disruptions.

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